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Rides and Rates

Rockin R Rides, Inc is now offering exclusive, small group, personalized trail rides based at a private setting. We ride into the Willow Creek/Castle Rock area of the Black Hills National Forest just outside of Custer, SD.

History abounds in the area including being in the region of the historic Meeker Ranch.

(We still provide rides on trails of the Buckhorn Range where we have been operating for past 20 seasons.)
Whether you are an experienced
or novice rider, Rockin R has scenic options for the entire family.

Our rides are single file, guided and walking to allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty of
the Black Hills.

Which ride is right for your horseback adventure?

rides and rates

Whether you are an experienced rider or total beginner, Rockin' R Trail Rides has scenic rides suitable for the entire family.

Our rides are single file, guided and walking to allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills.

4T1A7346 copy.jpg
4T1A7346 copy.jpg

Willow creek loop
1.5 Hour Ride

$70 Adults/ $65 Children 8-12 yr

This trail crosses Willow Creek and gradually climbs towards the base of Castle Rock peak. It then winds through ponderosa pines, open meadows and gentle ravines with expansive views.

buckhorn 2.jpg

castle rock
2 hour ride

$90 Adults/ $85 Children 8-12 yr

For the rider wanting a little more saddle time – this trail continues on past the rocky ridge near Castle Rock and then crosses the head of the Willow Creek meadow.
The trail then continues further west over more ridges before looping back to the ranch.

4T1A7276 copy.jpg
crazy horse 2-Edit.jpg
crazy horse 2-Edit.jpg

crazy horse
3 Hour Ride

$160 Adults/ $150 Children 8-12 yr

For the more adventurous – get further off the beaten track along the foothills of the Buckhorn Range. This trail goes through thick groves of aspens and then climbs up along granite walls and outcroppings favored by rock climbers! Dismount at the midway point to stretch your legs and climb a small hill for a view of Crazy Horse Memorial. After a brief rest, mount up and enjoy the leisurely trail back along the old Mike Mine track.



Reservations are required; Same day reservations are possible based on availability. 

Reserve via:

Call or Text:  520-349-6078 | Email: 

(Please include - Preferred date, time and length of ride; Total number of riders; Heights and Weights; Ages of Kids; Name, Cell, Email )


Morning and early afternoon ride times are available. Operating 6 to 7 days/week.
Memorial weekend through October 1.

Height and Weight Restrictions

Maximum weight is 200 lb – height/weight proportionate and at the discretion of the guide.
(Weight limit is due to more challenging terrain and for the safety of the riders and well being of the horses.)


Minimum age for trail rides is 8 years old.


Riders are required to have the physical ability to mount/dismount using a mounting block. Horseback riding is a fairly strenuous activity that requires that the rider be able to remain centered and balanced on top of the horse. The rider needs to be able to cue the horse with their legs to move forward and guide the horse with the reins.
Please take into consideration your level of fitness and physical condition.
Horseback riding may not be suitable for people with pre-existing back, neck, hip, knee problems. If you have questions about capabilities, please contact us to discuss.
Rockin R Rides tries to accommodate as many riders as safely possible but also reserves the right to refuse participation if deemed that a rider is not

able to safely ride/participate.


We are accepting CASH ONLY at this time

(ATMs are readily available at various locations in Custer.)

All Rates are plus tax .


Will be provided with confirmed reservations. Both ride locations are only a few miles and only 5 to 10 minutes - outside of Custer City.
(Rides by reservations only; no drive ins.)

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